Who We Are

Meet Stephen Jennings…

Years ago, he caught a vision – educate SMB’s about the dangers they face, and offer affordable solutions to protect them. No one steps up for the little guys – Stephen decided to take on the challenge!

The goal for every Fortify IT client has always been TRANSFORMATION…Stephen developed a way to find security issues before the hacker – so they could be remediated – staying ahead of the game.

Modern day cyber attacks (at an all time high) would sink most SMBs who don’t have the budget to implement effective incident response plans…Fortify IT is here to change this!


What We Do


At Fortify, we take an OFFENSIVE approach to cybersecurity – we transform into the bad guys and hack our clients just like a cyber-criminal would…

The difference? WE STOP ATTACKS before they happen. Call it “Threat Hunting.” 

Most of our competitors focus on computers and networks when DATA IS WHAT MATTERS…

It’s a transformational approach to security for SMB’s – proactively protecting company assets for a fraction of the cost. 

  • Identify critical assets 
  • Build a wall around them
  • Implement strong detection systems 
  • Develop immediate incident response procedures to stop attacks quickly

SMB’s are the backbone of our communities.  

They are our grocery stores, gas stations, barbers, hardware stores, restaurants, doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc. We exist to PROTECT the assets (data) of these SMB’s from online criminals, data misuse and data loss!